Tekever’s UAS stars in BBC show

Issue No. 15 | August 01-15, 2012

The AR4 Light Ray, Tekever’s UAS launched into the global market at the Farnborough Air Show 2012, was presented by the BBC journalist Anita Rani, in a prime time live broadcast from Farnborough, as “the example in Farnborough of the growing importance of unmanned aerial systems”.

BBC’s “The One Show”, featured a segment of the video footage produced by the AR4 while in flight, showing Farnborough’s Airport, the exhibition area and the many aircraft in the airfield.

The attention given by the British media to the Portuguese UAS is coherent with the enormous interest the aerospace industry and aeronautics professionals have expressed in regards to this first aeronautical product from the Tekever Group, which surprises for its effectiveness, flexibility and total ownership cost.

Farnborough 2012 sets Portugal’s entry into the world market of autonomous aerial systems, for the four public flights performed by the AR4 Light Ray, from July 9 to 13, have attained high-performance levels, in spite of the intense rain and 25-knot wind weather conditions.

Being the first fully autonomous UAS to perform outdoor flight demonstrations at Farnborough, the AR4 Light Ray has gained the attention of clients, partners, government officials and media throughout the entire week.

Ricardo Mendes, Tekever Group’s Administrator, confirms in the meantime the advanced stage of negotiations with different organisations in several continents, with the Tekever Group being able to initiate deliveries from the end of the year.