Raytheon joins hand with Monument Capital Group

Issue No. 19 | October 01-15, 2012

Raytheon has entered into a distribution agreement with Monument Capital Group (MCG). Under the agreement, MCG will engage potential Indian partners to provide mass notification and non-lethal systems to solve challenging security problems and emerging safety requirements. Applications of these products include high-value asset and critical infrastructure security, protection against terrorism and piracy, explosives detection, and innovative emergency response solutions for natural disaster management. Security solutions are aimed at enhancing border, port, maritime and aviation security.

“Our agreement with MCG will help to expand Raytheon’s global reach in homeland security, national defence and commercial security markets,” said Mike Booen, Raytheon Missile Systems’ vice president of Advanced Security and Directed Energy Systems. “The agreement also enables our customers to set up local operations for full services, installation and maintenance of cutting-edge security technology products, ensuring customers receive full and long-term value from their technology purchases.”

Raytheon will leverage MCG’s prospective strategic partnerships with leading international companies in high-growth security markets to provide indigenous country full-service support and business expertise. Customers will have access to new security technologies that safeguard security in civil, defence and critical infrastructure, and increase emergency and disaster management capabilities.

“For nearly a century, Raytheon has created an international brand known for its leadership in technology and innovation,” said Robert Dunn, MCG Managing Director. “We look forward to working with the company to secure opportunities for its products in the global security market.”