Civilian trucker kills sailor

Issue No. 11 | June 01-15, 2014

A civilian trucker with no authorisation to be on base shot and killed a sailor aboard the destroyer Mahan on the night of March 24 while it was moored on Pier 1 at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, in what is the latest troubling breach of Navy base security.

Jeffery Tyrone Savage, 35, an ex-convict who’d served time for voluntary manslaughter and other felonies, gained access to the base and then the pier, where he shot and killed Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Mark Mayo with a gun he’d stripped from another sailor, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service said.

Mayo, 24, the chief of the guard, dove in front of the petty officer of the watch after Savage took her weapon, according to the Navy’s account. Savage was then killed by the ship’s roving sentry.

Two days after the tragedy, the Navy said it has opened up a command investigation into security lapses at the base, where about 46,000 sailors and 21,000 civilian government employees and contractors serve.

“The NCIS investigation has confirmed that Savage had no reason or authorisation to be on Naval Station Norfolk,” NCIS said in a March 27 news release. “The chain of events that allowed Savage entry to the installation and the ship are under investigation.”