ITT Exelis capability in GPS interference, detection and geolocation

Issue No. 19 | October 01-15, 2012

ITT Exelis (XLS) has announced a significant development in the field of GPS technology. To be known as the Exelis GPS interference, detection and geolocation (IDG), it will provide near real-time geolocation of intentional and unintentional GPS jamming sources through a network of sensors and advanced geolocation technology.

Mark Pisani, Vice President and General Manager, Precision Instruments and Positioning, Navigation and Timing Systems, ITT Exelis Geospatial Systems said “As GPS jamming devices become cheaper and more accessible, there is a greater need to protect military, commercial and industrial systems from a diverse range of threats. This technology is a major step forward in delivering actionable interference intelligence to an array of GPS users.”

IDG technology is based upon a network of threat detection sensors that are networked to a centralised server running Exelis-developed geolocation algorithms. These sensors would be strategically located around highrisk areas, such as airports or utility grids, to instantaneously sense and triangulate the location of the jamming source. Should a threat be detected, users would receive pinpoint geolocation information and actionable intelligence in order to respond.