HADR Operations in Gujarat / Rajasthan

July 25, 2017

Following heavy rains in Gujarat from 22-25 Jul 17, requests were received for HADR from the Government of Gujarat. Based on initial inputs, continuous weather assessment was conducted and helicopters prepared in HADR configuration.

On 25 Jul 17, after getting a window of clear weather, extensive HADR Operations were launched. NDRF teams and boats were dropped to rescue people where heptrs could not approach in Rajasthan Sector. Operations are currently underway to drop food packets for survivors subject to weather in both Rajasthan and Gujarat sectors.

The deployment of the Mi-17 and Chetak class of helicopters is as follows: -

  1. Deesa. Four MLH, with another three planned to reach by today evening. Two of these three helicopters are airbome from Phalodi.
  2. Ahmedabad. Four MLH, incl three for the PM. These will subsequently revert to HADR ops. One Chetak is also available.
  3. Phalodi. One MLH.
  4. Jodhpur. Four MLH.
  5. Uttarlai. Two MLH each are being launched from Sarsawa and Suratgarh. They shall be halting at night due to enroute bad weather. Take-off for Uttarlai, has been planned for first light tomorrow.
  6. Jamnagar. One MLH.
  7. Total.
    1. 14 MLH available and an additional seven being positioned.
    2. One Chetak available.
  8. Standby. An additional four MLH and four Chetak helicopters are on standby and will be positioned as per requirement.

HADR Ops Cell A dedicated HADR Cell has been activated at Gandhinagar which is the HQ of the South Western Air Command. Regular contact is maintained with the State Emergency Op Centre (SEOC) and other stakeholders, with a dedicated IAF officer being positioned at the SEOC for maintaining active liaison.

HADR in Gujarat Sector

Three aircraft operated from Deesa ALG for relief operations in Banaskantha and Patan districts from sunrise. Operations are still in progress. The effort since has thus far entailed 30:30 hrs/32 sorties in which 79 people have been rescued and 500 kg of food packets have been dropped.

HADR in Rajasthan Sector

Three aircraft carried out operations ex-Jodhpur to rescue survivors from Jaloore district from sunrise. Shuttles were carried out from Jalore stadium for rescue of survivors. Operations are still underway to drop food packets The effort since 24 Jul 17 has thus far entailed 9:25 hrs/Six sorties in which nine people have been rescued.


The IAF operating 05 MI-17V5 helicopters today from different locations airlifted over 160 people to safety and carried over 3400kgs of relief material to designated places mostly in Banaskantha Distt of Gujarat while also carrying NDRF teams to desired places for conduct of rescue ops in Jalore Distt of Rajasthan.