HADR Operation by Indian Air Force

August 14, 2017 Photo(s): By PRO (Air Force)

In response to assistance requested by Civil administration for flood relief operations in Bihar, since yesterday, the C-17 aircraft of the Indian Air Force have airlifted a total of 324 NDRF personnel and over 42 tons of load from Bhubaneswar and Ranchi to major relief centres at Purnea and Patna.

In addition, 372 Army personnel and 25.5 tons of load has also been airlifted from Ranchi to Purnea and Patna to assist in flood relief operations. A total of 4 sorties of C-17 and one sortie of An-32 aircraft have been flown towards this task.

A Mi-17 helicopter from Gorakhpur evacuated 45 marooned people from Maharajganj on the morning of August 14, 2017. In addition 90 Army personnel along with boats and rescue equipment have also been transferred from Allahabad to Darbhanga.

Indian Air Force Transport Aircraft C-17 carrying Army and NDRF Teams for Flood Relief Operations in Bihar on August 14, 2017