DCNS and PT PAL cooperate for Indonesia's naval projects

Issue No. 6 | March 16-31, 2017

Following the visit of French President François Hollande to Indonesia, DCNS and PT PAL signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen their cooperation in the submarine and surface ship fields, in accordance with the Indonesian-French Defense Dialogue (IFDD).

Indonesia wants to reinforce its naval capacity and is discussing with France to explore projects of submarine and surface ships to be built in Indonesia with a high level of local industrial content, through Indonesian-French long-term cooperation.

Following signature of this MoU, DCNS CEO HervĂ© Guillou declared: “As the European leader in naval combat systems, warship designer and builder, DCNS is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with the Indonesian industry to enhance Indonesia’s local high-tech industrial content. Our cooperation with Indonesia’s largest shipyard PT PAL is a perfect illustration of this ambition and we are looking forward to bringing our strong expertise in technology transfers for complex naval programmes to provide an industrial project and develop Indonesian Navy operational capability.”