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Indian Army Annual Press Conference 2024

A Roadmap for Technology, National Integration, and Secure Borders

New Delhi January 11, 2024 By Neetu Dhulia Photo(s): By Neetu Dhulia / SP Guide Pubns
General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Indian Army

In a press conference marked by both resolve and a spirit of progress, General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Indian Army, outlined the force's strategic priorities for 2024. The event painted a multifaceted picture of an army embracing technological advancement, strengthening national security, and forging deeper connections with the nation.

COAS acknowledged the "stable but sensitive" situation on the northern border with China

Securing the Borders - Operational Preparedness and Capability Development

  • Stable but Sensitive Northern Border: General Pande acknowledged the "stable but sensitive" situation on the northern border with China, emphasizing ongoing dialogues and robust operational preparedness to address any challenges.
  • Countering Threats Across India: He also highlighted successful counter-terrorism efforts in Jammu and Kashmir, ongoing efforts to stabilise the hinterland, and positive outcomes from peace accords in the Northeast.
  • Focus on Structural Optimisation: The army is undertaking internal restructuring, including reorganising artillery units and optimising unit sizes, to enhance effectiveness.
  • New Generation Munitions and Electronic Warfare: Development of advanced weaponry and terrain-specific electronic warfare capabilities are aimed at improving lethality and operational efficiency.
  • Promoting Gender Equality: With women comprising 22 per cent of the UN peacekeeping mission contingent and deployment of 100 women across various countries, the army is showcasing its commitment to gender equality.
General Manoj Pande addressing the Press Conference

Year of Technology Absorption - Transforming the Battlefield

2024 has been declared the "Year of Technology Absorption." Artificial Intelligence, Drones, advanced communication systems, and cyber warfare capabilities will be integrated into Infantry, Artillery, and Armored battalions, enhancing situational awareness, target engagement, and overall operational efficiency.

2024 has been declared the "Year of Technology Absorption"

Recognising the growing importance of cyberspace, the army is fortifying its digital defences with induction of Linguists & Cyber Experts in Territorial Army to enhance national capacities & capabilities through civil-military fusion. In order to augment the security of the cyberspace specialised subunits, designated as Command Cyber Operation and Specialised Wings (CCOSW) have been raised at the field Army level.

Building a Secure and Connected Nation

  • Connecting Remote Areas: The army is actively involved in infrastructure development, providing 4G connectivity to 355 remote Army posts to ensure seamless communication and coordination.
  • Strengthening Forward Outposts: Forward airfields, villages, and helipads are being strengthened, alongside the development of underground storage facilities, bolstering national security and resilience.
  • Net Zero Sustainable Habitats: The "AMSA" initiative aims to transform army stations into "Net Zero Sustainable Habitats," demonstrating the army's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Preserving Heritage and Empowering Veterans

  • Preserving Legacy: This project digitally archives India's rich military history, ensuring its enduring impact on future generations.
  • Connecting with Veterans: The WhatsApp API ChatBot, developed in collaboration with Meta, provides veterans with a convenient platform to access information, address concerns, and stay connected.
  • Transformative Human Resource Initiative: Empowering over 62,000 retiring soldiers each year with skilling and employment opportunities ensures their smooth transition to civilian life and continued contribution to society.

A Force for the Future - A Vision for Technological Excellence, National Integration, and a Secure Tomorrow

The Indian Army Annual Press Conference 2024 presented a comprehensive vision for the future. It showcased an army embracing technology for enhanced operational efficiency, prioritising national security and border defence, and actively engaging with the nation through infrastructure development, environmental initiatives, and veteran outreach. This multi-faceted approach promises a future where the Indian Army remains a formidable force, a catalyst for progress, and a guardian of India's secure tomorrow.