US veteran arrested in Florida airport shooting

Issue No. 1-2 | January 1-31, 2017

An US Army veteran, who complained that the government was controlling his mind, drew a gun from his checked luggage on arrival at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and opened fire in the baggage claim area, killing five people and wounding eight, authorities said.

He was taken into custody after throwing his empty weapon down and lying spread-eagle on the ground, one witness said.

The gunman was identified as 26-year-old Esteban Santiago of Anchorage, Alaska, who served in Iraq with the National Guard but was demoted and discharged last year for unsatisfactory performance. His brother said he had been receiving psychological treatment recently.

Santiago, who is in custody, will face federal charges. The gunman was arrested unharmed, with no shots fired by law enforcement officers, and was being questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Sheriff Scott Israel said. The airport was shut down, with incoming flights diverted and outgoing flights held on the ground.