IDEX 2023: SK Group to present its latest offering in small arms solutions, optical sights and 'through-wall-imaging' systems, to the UAE market for the first time

The Xaver™400 radar 'through-wall-imaging' system of SK Group company Camero has saved lives in the earthquake disaster in Turkey, assisting the IDF Home Front Command SAR Unit expedition in locating survivors that have been trapped in the ruins for days.

Ramat-Hasharon, Israel February 16, 2023 Photo(s): By IWI, Camero-Tech, Meprolight

SK Group – a privately held technology and innovation holding company founded by Samy Katsav, specializing in global frontline defense, paramilitary solutions, marine infrastructures and property development- isto present its latest offering in small arms solutions, optical sights, and 'through-wall-imaging’ systems, at the upcoming IDEX exhibition. One of the systems being showcased is Camero’s Xaver™ 1000, recipient of the prestigious IDEX Innovation Journey 2023 Award.

“We are proud to participate in the IDEX exhibition, where we will present, for the first time in this region, as election of systems and solutions developed by SK Group companies to meet the challenges of modern warfare faced by combat soldiers on the battlefield, as well as the needs of various security forces,” says Ronen Hamudot, SK Group Executive VP Marketing and Sales. “The systems we will be exhibiting illustrate our solutions for day and night combat, identifying targets beyond the wall, and maintaining the protection of the forces. They have all been operationally proven, bothby various units of the IDF and by armies around the world.”

The following solutions will be showcased at the exhibition:

IWI: the NEGEV series of Light Machine Guns; the ARAD Assault Rifle used by militaries and law enforcement agencies worldwide; the combat-proven CARMEL Assault Rifle; and the new version of the GAL, intended for dispersing demonstrations and maintaining public order, which reduces trauma sustained by forces by up to 90%.


Camero-Tech: the Xaver™ 1000 - the latest offering of 3D through-the-wall imaging systems, that enables detection and ‘visibility’ of live and static objects behind walls and obstacles, down to the level of specific body parts.

Xaver 1000

Meprolight: the new Mepro TIGON thermal imaging optic, which integrates the advantages of uncooled thermal imaging technology for nighttime and low-visibility conditions with a red-dot reticle for daytime conditions; Mepro NYX-200 - the lightweight multi-spectral thermal sight featuring a high-quality 12µ thermal core, coupled with improved thermal and day-channel optics, for increased effective range; the Mepro M21 red dot day/night self-illuminated reflex sight; and the Mepro M5 -military-grade electro-optical red-dot sight.