RAFAEL is participating in EURONAVAL 2022

October 12, 2022 Photo(s): By RAFAEL

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will be participating in the upcoming 28th EURONAVAL World Naval Defense Exposition in Paris, France at stand G-68 in hall B. This will be the first time RAFAELís C-DOMEnaval air defense system and C-GEM active decoy will be showcased after having become operational following their integration on the Israeli Navyís Saíar 6 Corvette earlier this year. These systems represent the pinnacle of modern-day naval defense with unmatched levels of combat-proven success and exposure.

Systems being showcased also include RAFAELís SEA BREAKER 5th generation autonomous PGM, Naval SPIKE NLOS multipurpose missiles, Typhoon Mk30-c remote controlled weapon station, and more. Together these systems provide a full naval defense suite for the modern battlefield ó all provided by RAFAEL.

RAFAELís systems are backed by over 70 years of experience in the defense technology space, providing battlespace superiority against modern and future threats. Additionally, RAFAELís cutting-edge technology is already used throughout Europe and around the globe, with systems like the SPIKE in use in over 39 countries worldwide, including 19 NATO countries.

Systems in focus:

C-DOME: RAFAELís C-DOME is the naval adaptation of the renowned, combat-proven IRON DOME, which, to-date, has achieved over 5000 combat interceptions. Operational with the Israeli Navy, C-DOME is designed to protect strategic naval and land assets against a wide variety of threats.

C-GEM: Designed to deceive the most advanced seekers of modern Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM). Modern coherent radar seekers employ Chaff and Corner Reflector discrimination algorithms, mostly based on range/Doppler analysis of the targets. The C-GEM off-board active decoy is launched from the combat vessel and generates a legitimate and attractive target within seconds from detection of the ASM. C-GEM can be integrated into any decoy launching system.


WIZARD: A fourth generation integrated decoy system designed to defeat modern threats that make use of chaff discrimination algorithms. WIZARD can function as either a distraction at medium-range or as seduction defense at short-range. Additionally, Wizard can be loaded and operated by a single sailor.

TYPHOON Mk30-c: A medium-caliber Remote Weapon Station (RWS) enabling superior ship perimeter protection with a high level of stabilization and pointing accuracy that results in a high hit probability, even against small and fast maneuvering multiple targets, including UAS. This is the newest member of the highly regarded TYPHOON Family of stabilized naval RCWS. Extending the capabilities that counter emerging aerial and asymmetric swarm attacks, it utilizes the Mk44 Bushmaster gun and is fully compatible with high-explosive and Air Burst Ammunition (ABM).

SEABREAKER: A 5th generation long-range autonomous precision guided missile system, SEA BREAKER enables significant attack performance against numerous high-value maritime and land targets. As a pinpoint force multiplier with standoff ranges up to 300 km and an advanced EO-imaging infrared seeker, SEA BREAKER is an ideal solution against stationary and moving land-based targets. It also offers superiority in A2/AD arenas, near-shore or between island targets, anchored or at port targets, or where radio frequency (RF) seekers are limited.

SPIKE NLOS: An electro-optically guided multipurpose missile for ranges of up to 32 km with pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation. The weapon system can be launched from land, air, and naval platforms. Equipped with a variety of warheads, a wireless data link to the missile, unique advantages of hitting Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) targets and the ability to switch between targets and abort missions, SPIKE NLOS can be operated in both offensive and defensive scenarios. In addition to attacking hidden targets, SPIKE NLOS can provide real-time tactical intelligence and damage assessment. Spike NLOS is designed to be integrated into the modern battle arena and can receive target location from an embedded TAS system, external sensors, C4I center or UAVs.


SEASPOTTER: Offers complementary early warning detection and accurate multi-target tracking capability of all types of potential threats, allowing the earliest possible detection and increased bank of time for better situational awareness and protection of naval ships, offshore critical infrastructure, and coastline.

DRONEDOME: An innovative end-to-end, combat-proven counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS), providing all-weather, 360-degree rapid defense against hostile drones. Fully operational and globally deployed, DRONE DOME offers a modular, robust infrastructure comprised of electronic jammers and sensors and unique artificial intelligence algorithms to effectively secure threatened air space.

Additionally, RAFAEL's anti-torpedo solutions SCUTTER Mk3 and TORBUSTER will be presented by its subsidiary DSIT.

TORBUSTER: A 4th generation combined Soft and Hard kill decoy for submarines. Based on a novel approach, upon detecting the incoming threat, the TORBUSTER will be launched from an external launcher, propelling itself to a safe distance from the submarine and luring the incoming torpedo by transmitting a tailored response.

SCUTTERMk3: A 3rd generation (Reactive) torpedo decoy. Using a receiver and a library it classifies the attacking torpedo, and transmits a tailored response creating multiple legitimate targets to the torpedo to be homed on with the goal of wasting the torpedo's energy away from the submarine.