STARE on Display at GA-ASI Booth During Dubai Airshow

STARE's Optix Capability Tracks Targets on Moving Map Display

November 13, 2021 Photo(s): By GA-ASI
Salam Air and CFM International sign an engine maintenance agreement coupled with the acquisition of spare engines.

At the Dubai Airshow, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) will have a number of capabilities on display in booth #1470, including its STARE (System for Tasking And Real-time Exploitation) system. STARE provides a common operating picture for operators of GA-ASI Unmanned Aircraft Systems by integrating and displaying the wide area of surveillance information gathered by GA-ASI platforms.

“STARE brings together data from a variety of external multi-domain data feeds, as well as tactical data from Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft,” said Darren Moe, senior director of Automation, Autonomy, and Artificial Intelligence (A3I) for GA-ASI. “With UAS platforms, such as our MQ-9B, STARE is emerging as the ideal platform to decipher and disseminate the information for decision makers.”

A new part of STARE is the Optix platform from General Atomics’ Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc. (CCRi), a company GA acquired earlier this year. Optix enables STARE users to visualize real-time and historical data from numerous sources on Optix’s moving map display. It enables “Big Data” processing and analytics that take the multitudes of information and turn it into usable knowledge. Optix combines, correlates, and streamlines multiple sources of intelligence data so the user can observe both strategic and tactical data sources and track information.

Anomalous Behavior alerts are generated using artificial intelligence to automatically look for activities or behaviors of interest. Some example behaviors are nefarious maritime activities such as vessel-to-vessel transfers, not broadcasting AIS, and economic exclusion zone (EEZ) violations. When these are detected, alerts are generated on the map. The goal of all of this is to decrease the number of people required to monitor and decipher all of the various feeds.