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— General Manoj Pande, Indian Army Chief

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— Admiral R. Hari Kumar, Indian Navy Chief

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IAI's Annual Financial Statements 2022 - the Best Year Since the Company's Inception

44% growth in net income to approx. USD 213 million – highest since inception.
Positive cash flows from operating activities of approx. USD 797 million – 445% higher than last year.
Dramatic leap in order backlog to approx. USD 15.6 billion.
Increase in sales to approx. USD 4,973 million – highest in Company history.

March 8, 2023 Photo(s): By IAI
Barak System
  • 44% growth in net income to approx. USD 213 million compared with net income of approx. USD 148 million in 2021
  • Positive cash flows from operating activities of approx. USD 797 million as opposed to positive cash flows from operating activities of approx. USD 146 million in 2021
  • Growth in sales to approx. USD 4,973 million compared with approx. USD 4,477 million in 2021
  • Leap in order backlog to approx. USD 15.6 billion, representing 3.1 years of operation, compared with approx. USD 13.4 billion at the end of 2021
  • 28% growth in annual EBITDA to approx. USD 560 million compared with approx. USD 436 million last year
  • Gross profit in 2022 increased by USD 128 million to approx. USD 824 million in 2022 compared with approx. USD 696 million in 2021
  • 46% growth in annual operating profit to approx. USD 316 million compared with approx. USD 217 million last year
  • 5% increase in in-house R&D activity in 2022 to approx. USD 215 million compared with approx. USD 204 million last year
  • Free cash flow of some USD 1,061 million
IAI's Chairman of the Board Amir Peretz

Amir Peretz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IAI: “Israel Aerospace Industries has this year achieved an all-time record both for new business and net profit, and above all, backlog, for the company’s systems, which both arouse considerable interest and demand around the world. This allows us to formulate work plans for the long-term, which are the basis of the company’s stability. Our achievements are due to IAI’s employees, men and women alike, who studiously apply themselves to develop the most advanced technologies for Israel’s defense establishment and for use by our many customers, as part of an ongoing examination of, and suitability to, the future battlefield. This includes, among other things, developing autonomous land platforms, defense and attack systems, cyber-based systems, artificial intelligence, and of course, other developments that defy the imagination and justify our position as Israel’s national space center. The rapidly-changing international arena is constantly in our mind, a fact which obliges us to act quickly and within the guidelines set by the defense establishment.

IAI’s CEO, Boaz Levy, who combines technological expertise with worldwide marketing skills, is worthy of my appreciation, together with his Corporate Senior Management, and the Divisional General Managers – of the Aviation Group; Systems, Missiles & Space; ELTA Systems; and Military Aircraft, all of which have, in the past year, succeeded in reaching unprecedented results, whether in terms of technological innovation, financial achievements deriving from an increase in sales around the world, or due to their exceptional performance.

Since we have no intention of resting on our laurels, IAI’s Board of Directors has set and continues to set, ambitious goals, to fully support and advance the professional and business activities of IAI’s Groups, which represent the heart of the company’s activity. Israel’s Ministry of Defense, and the wide- ranging contacts we have with the entire defense establishment, continue to be an important factor in setting and implementing the company’s strategy, so that we can continue to supply the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Israel’s defense establishment with solutions for all threats and every challenge. Thanks to this close relationship we are able to strengthen existing markets, and open windows to new markets around the world. The company’s participation, for the first time in its history, in the important exhibition in Bahrain, and the demonstration and operation of unmanned maritime vessels, together with Abu Dhabi Ship Building, was an expression of how to leverage regional opportunities to expand our activities into additional markets.”

IAI's President and CEO, Boaz Levy

Boaz Levy, IAI’s President & CEO: “We are again privileged and happy to summarize a year’s activities, an unprecedented year not only in terms of the business results achieved, but also due to reaching new peaks in both innovation and creativity: whether from advanced technological developments in the area of air, land-, and maritime- defense, through the successful launch of the C-EROS3, one of the world’s most advanced surveillance satellites, able to provide color imagery; we conducted pathbreaking tests in Israel and elsewhere, of various systems, such as the Gabriel weapons system, POINT BLANK – an electrooptical missile able to be carried in a backpack by a single soldier, the Eitan Heron TP unmanned aerial system, strategic and tactical radars, and the most sophisticated intelligence systems of their type in the world; we have taken the world forward in civil aviation by leading aircraft conversion from passenger- to cargo-aircraft; we were awarded the Israel Defense Prize, and more. Developing advanced technological capabilities, to help preserve the IDF’s operational advantage and its ability to deal effectively with changing challenges, continues to lie at the center of our activities, and for that purpose we are increasing the resources dedicated to R&D. The company continues to achieve pathbreaking advances, in a wide range of fields, thanks to its workers and managers, who continue to be at the heart of our company’s qualitative advantage.”