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Only the US-2 can meet all of the diverse performance requirements in the market: Yasuo Kawanishi

Issue No. 24 | December 16-31, 2016By Rear Admiral Sushil Ramsay (Retd)Photo(s): By SP Guide Pubns, ShinMaywa

SP’s M.A.I. met Yasuo Kawanishi, Director, Executive General Manager (Business Development & Amphibious Aircraft Programme) and Managing Director ShinMaywa, India, and Kanji Ishimaru, Director, Member of the Board and Senior Managing Executive Officer, ShinMaywa.

During the brief interaction Kawanishi highlighted the capabilities and significant characteristics of US-2. He shared the experiences of the pilots who flew this amphibian aircraft and found that the US-2 is far easier to fly than the US-1A. US-2 has improved operational performance – the pressurised cabin creates a comfortable space for the rescued, as well as the crew. Another reason why the US-2 is enjoying high popularity is its significantly longer cruising distance. The considerable extension of its maximum unrefuelled range has allowed a greater number of applications.

Kawanishi added that only three countries currently make amphibian aircraft: Japan, Canada, and Russia. However, only the US-2 can meet all of the diverse performance requirements in the market, namely, the capability to land on the ocean, carry a large number of people, and cover long distances.

Kawanishi hoped that through exhaustive acquisition process and detailed technical and technological scrutiny and evaluations, capability and utility of a versatile platform like US-2 will be acceptable to the Government of India, as a first time acquisition of military hardware from Japan.

US-2 Specifications

 Length 33.3 m
 Wingspan 33.2 m
 Height 9.8 m
 Engine Rolls-Royce
 Propeller Dowty R414
 Max Take-off
 47.7 t/490 m
 Max Landing
 47.7 t/1,500 m
 Max Take-off
 Weight/Distance (on water)
 43.0 t/280 m
 Max Landing
 Weight/Distance (on water)
 43.0 t/330 m
 Range Over 4,500 km
 Cruise Altitude More than 6,000 m
 Cruise Speed More than 480 kmph
 Max Speed More than 560 kmph

Source: ShinMaywa